Now open for 2015 season!

Chicago wedding photography 2015 season!


With over 1500 weddings photographed in Illinois, and equal amount of unique experiences, we’ve decided that a wedding photography service is in need of reform. Working for large photography outfits as hired photographers, we could not help but notice the disconnect between the most important people in the process; the wedding couple and the photographer. The lack of direct communication from the start of the process, and the limited understanding of bride and grooms concerns or likes, always left room for improvement. GeeDee Weddings was born to address that, and streamline the communication process. We have the experience of the largest photography houses in chicagoland, but with a limited number of weddings per year, we can ensure that you will always deal with the person that is directly responsible for capturing your wedding – the photographer.

GeeDee pledges to bring the highest level of dedication to every aspect of any job we are involved in. We treat all of our jobs with outmost importance. Our attention to detail, as well as artistic vision, is transparent thru out the process and most important in the finished product. We will provide you with a mixture of styles, and adopt to scenarios and situations that are unique to each wedding. Together we will produce a memory, that you will revisit and enjoy for years to come…

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